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Welcome to the News and Articles page where we talk in more depth about the issues surrounding recovery and addiction today. We look at the latest developments in addiction medicine, inspiring stories from our world class recovery program and issues surrounding mental health and addiction. It’s also a great way for us to tell you about the stars we have working on staff who deliver our life changing program.

Additionally, these pages provide comprehensive information for people who think that they may be suffering from a substance abuse issue and for their families friends and employers. Moreover, they may be useful to professionals in the field of addiction and mental health and for those who are thinking of studying this topic.

This is likewise a resource for people seeking addiction treatment as we look at issues surrounding withdrawal from drugs, from opiate detox to alcohol detox. Additionally, we look at the benefits of inpatient Primary, Secondary and Tertiary addiction treatment and outpatient options. We also examine different types of traditional therapy from gestalt and CBT to 12 step facilitation therapy and motivational interviewing. And we take a considered look at the benefits of alternative therapies to substance abuse treatment, including hypnotherapy, NLP and massage.

Although primarily concerned with addiction to substances, we also look at other process addictions and co-dependency. In addition, we look at the connection between mental health issues such as depression and anxiety and addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Futhermore, our addiction and recovery news and articles pages are a great resource for those already in recovery from addiction. Throughout these pages are great ideas for a variety of different ways to benefit your recovery and plenty of inspiration to keep going on this path. It does not matter whether you have been living the clean and sober life for a few days, weeks, months or years there is something of interest for all.



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