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The Seasons Hader Program

The Seasons Hader Primary Program

The Seasons Hader Primary Program meets the client, as an individual, where they are when they come through the door. Our approach treats the wellness of the whole individual through the application of a balanced daily schedule of therapeutic activities.

Likewise, these address the physical, psychological, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of recovery from drugs and alcohol. Substance dependency is not cured by simply detoxing from the chemical causing the problem.
We recommend that all clients stay for 90 days because this length of time produces the best outcomes. The program also runs for 28 days or 60 days and we can always facilitate those who wish to extend. Of course, during the Primary Program our expert Clinical Team regularly evaluate each client’s progress helping to identify their successes and the areas they need to work on.

An Effective Drug and Alcohol Program of Recovery

Our approach relies on the latest research and equips our clients with practical skills to live a drug and alcohol free life. The Seasons Hader program has been effectively helping addicts and alcoholics worldwide since 1997.


We thoroughly assess our clients twice. The first assessment is completed by our Client Liaison Team and the second on admission by our clinical and medical staff. This means that we have an accurate picture of the client’s pattern of use and their general medical health. Moreover, this helps our staff decide if a medicated period of withdrawal is necessary. Our team aim to make this as painless as possible and provide extensive emotional and psychological support.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are held every morning and are also known as ‘check in’. Clients are encouraged to explore their thoughts and feelings, get support from each other and share their breakthroughs. Our experienced clinical staff oversee these groups and teach clients about setting healthy boundaries and effective communication. Additionally we find these skills help to support behavioural change.


Individual Therapy and Personal Case Manager

During individual therapy, clients have the opportunity to work one on one with a therapist. This gives them time to work through their issues and addiction more comprehensively. As well as this, each client has a personal case manager who is responsible for helping them with their written work and supervises the overall direction of their treatment plan.


Educational Sessions

These groups cover a wide range of subjects relating to addiction and alcoholism. This includes but is not limited to topics such as the disease concept, family dynamics, friendships, self-esteem, and self-awareness and how to deal with stress. Furthermore, we find it essential to empower our clients with the skills and knowledge of why and how to live a healthy life free from addiction.


Relapse Prevention

Educational sessions address this important topic throughout the program. Then, towards the end of treatment, clients work closely with their case manager to develop a detailed exit plan. This covers how to deal with potential problems and gives a clear strategy for building on the progress completed in residential care.


Seasons Hader Transitional Housing

All our destinations offer transitional housing which is a perfect opportunity to further develop your recovery skills. Clients having completed the full 90 days of Primary treatment can re-enter life without the pressure of returning home.

Transitional housing offers a safe, substance free environment with the ongoing guidance and support of the Seasons Hader team. There is a great deal of flexibility within the program for clients to pursue and deal with the things that they need to or develop outside interests. Research shows that those who complete secondary care really improve their chances for sustained long term recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.
During this program, clients have the chance to apply and consolidate the skills they have been taught during residential rehab. This might mean volunteering with members of the primary community, looking for work or finding other ways to grow their recovery network. They also continue to work closely with the Seasons therapist and have more time to work through their issues.


Seasons Hader Outpatient Care and Aftercare

This program delivers the perfect way for clients to reintegrate back into life outside the supported environment of rehab. Clients live independently but still have daily contact with our team.
We also have a variety of aftercare options which are all tailored to the individual’s needs.


Services Offered

Intervention Specialists, Detox Program, Residential Treatment Services, Transitional Housing, Outpatient Program, Bespoke One on One, Family Residential Program, Specialising in Comorbid Disorders, Aftercare and Referral Service, Individual & Family Counselling, Holistic Wellness Program, Employee Assistance Program, Consultation & Advice (Government & Corporate), Forensic Services, Hub for Training & Education provided by the Hader Institute

Program Type Residential

Program Genders Mixed

Spaces 20

Accreditation ISO9001


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