Head Office

Hader Clinic Queensland


The Brisbane Clinic offers a number of outpatient and counselling services, as well as being a central hub for the training and education provided by Hader Institute.

The Brisbane Clinic’s outpatient programs are offered to individuals whom have completed one of the 30 or 90 day residential treatment programs at Araluen Retreat, as well as some individuals that qualify for an outpatient program alone.

Individual and family counselling and support services are also offered from the Brisbane Clinic with a large number of clinical staff onsite including psychologists and counsellors.

In addition to treatment services offered, the Brisbane Clinic also promotes training and education through courses certified by the Department of Education and integrated into the organisations wealth of healthcare and medical experience.

Brisbane Clinic


Araluen Retreat

Services Offered

Intervention Specialists, Detox Program, Residential Treatment Services, Transitional Housing, Outpatient Program, Specialising in Comorbid Disorders, Aftercare and Referral Service, Individual & Family Counselling, Consultation & Advice (Government & Corperate), Family Program, Educational Programs & Groups, Forensic Services, Employee Assistance Program, Hub for Training & Education provided by the Hader Institute

Staff Onsite

Directors, Clinical Psychologists, Counselling Staff, Admissions Team, Clerical Staff


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